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i promised i'd never sing of love if it doesn't exist

darling, you are the only exception

10 July
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my name is jesss. three s's because my best friend gave me one of hers. i'm nineteen years old. i'm a college student. i have a boyfriend whom i love very much, julian garlington. my best friend is jessica cole, otherwise known as letmesignnn. i've been out my house since i was seventeen years old. my life isn't perfect, but who's life is? i aspire to be a lot of things, but i'll probably just go for being a veterinarian or a zoologist. animals have become somewhat of an obsession for me, especially cats, and more specifically, my cat! i can be really weird sometimes, but only around the people i'm most comfortable with. i have a small amount of close friends who i wouldn't trade for anything. i live in the united states, although i'd much rather be in the UK, and i spend way too much time on the internet.

add me, don't be shy! but don't forget, i'm a weirdo, and a crazy fangirl. oh, and i read way too much.
as if it wasn't already obvious, i'm a huge fangirl. some of things i get worked up over are: harry potter, the twilight saga, dexter, true blood/sookie stackhouse novels, vampires in general get to me, emmett cullen/kellan lutz, my cat, paramore, transformers, csi las vegas, house m.d., ron weasley/rupert grint, disney, nick, animal planet, discovery channel, hbo, showtime, anime in general, bleach, one piece, books, selena gomez, poptub, mitchell davis
the main people in my life are: julian garlington, love of my life; jessica cole, my best friend of thirteen years; emily goodwin, another amazing friend that i couldn't live without; and to all the new friends i have met or will meet, i'm sure we'll be great friends on here. :]
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email me if you really need to contact me.
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